Frequently Asked Questions

General Inquiries

Little Creek Press is considered an independent publisher using a hybrid model. Our authors pay for the services, but get the full benefit of publishing under our imprint which opens doors that self-publishing cannot.

Little Creek Press is located in the countryside just outside beautiful Mineral Point, Wisconsin. And yes, a little creek does run past our headquarters. As lovely as it is—and it is lovely—we do not take author meetings at this location.

You can purchase all Little Creek Press books through our online bookstore, as well as most major book retailers. If you are in Mineral Point, you can also purchase many of our books at the Republic of Letters Bookstore.

For bookstores or libraries, our books are available for wholesale purchase through Ingram

Call or email to ask and we can connect you directly with the author.

For Authors

We are interested in both fiction and nonfiction books that celebrate Wisconsin’s nature, recreation, agritourism, travel, food, people, art, music, and more. If you don’t see your “category” but have a great Wisconsin book, please email to discuss.

Our authors are incredibly passionate about the subjects they write about and feel compelled to tell their stories. Their books educate, delight, and have a clear purpose to fulfill.

You can visit our services page to view more information about our pricing framework.

Not necessarily. The goal is to showcase our great state. If you don’t live here but still have a great Wisconsin book to share, contact us to discuss.

Many factors determine the time it takes to publish a book. These can include whether the book needs an illustrator, how much editing the manuscript requires, how quickly we receive feedback during the proofing process, the complexity of the interior and cover layout and design, whether the book will be printed with a hardcover or softcover, and whether or not you enlist marketing services. We can get a better sense of a timeline from our first phone call or meeting. Please note that timelines can be provided for books that we feel are a good fit for LCP.

We can share with you that most of our books are published within 3 to 12 months based on the work needed, the style of the book, and our publishing schedule.

Yes! We collaborate with an experienced, Wisconsin book PR and marketing person. See our team page for more information. Authors who choose to do PR and marketing for their book will work directly with Kristin G. on a plan. Please note, this is an additional cost.

No. Before beginning any project, each client receives a detailed cost estimate. We pride ourselves on staying within budget, and it is very rare for an estimate to change. If a change in the project scope alters the cost, the client will receive a new estimate before additional work is completed.

The breakdown of our fee structure is a down payment, a payment required after editing, and a final payment upon completion of the project and the author’s books have been ordered.

The author retains the copyright.

LCP does not take royalties. The author owns all the books printed and receives profit from their books.

We do take a small percentage from books ordered through the Little Creek Press bookstore to cover the cost of shipping materials and our time to package and ship. We encourage this sales channel for authors above the bigger online opportunities because our authors get a higher compensation returned to them.

Yes. We can publish e-books on all platforms. 

We can connect you with our partner Derrick for audiobook production. Once an audiobook is complete, the author is responsible for uploading the provided files to audio platforms. This way the author can set the price and collect compensation directly.

We do! In fact, we will not accept a book for publishing if it has already been designed. That is how strongly we feel about producing a quality book that we can handle from the beginning to the end.

Little Creek Press (LCP) has a relationship with Ingram for the printing, fulfillment, and distribution of LCP books. Ingram is the leading print-on-demand company in the world, offering one-off book manufacturing and access to the most comprehensive distribution solutions in the publishing industry.

Through Lightning Source, Ingram provides a broad range of physical services to the book industry and immediate access to the largest selection of books and book-related products. Lightning Source securely stores titles as digital files in their library. They print one copy or thousands of copies, as needed. Through direct distribution, Ingram delivers titles to a publisher’s customers anywhere in the world.

For custom-printed books that require an extra touch, we use Wisconsin printers and handle distribution ourselves. This channel does not get us access to global distribution, but we can still distribute via Amazon if desired.

Visit our pricing framework to see pricing for book design only. Once approved, we will supply print files for you to upload.

We are happy to introduce some great illustrators to you and work with them on your behalf after you pick an illustrator that matches your vision.


We don’t often get asked this question because people love our books and never return them! We could discuss a return if necessary. Just call or email to ask.

Yes. We offer wholesale pricing to bookstores, libraries, and educational institutions. Just call or email for pricing at