Discover Mineral Point, Wisconsin

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Nestled in Southwest Wisconsin’s driftless area, Mineral Point is best known for it’s Cornish settler history, thriving arts community, small farms, and natural beauty.

After spending just a short amount of time in Mineral Point, you will likely also notice just how much Mineral Point residents love their community. Rather than living separately and being pleasant, Mineral Point residents seem to be naturally interconnected. We go out of our way to help each other. Fellow business members work collaboratively. People shop locally. It is small town living at its best, and we work to spread this mentality across Wisconsin through our projects with authors and beyond.

historic house in Mineral Point, WI

History of Mineral Point

The first non-native settlers in Mineral Point were Cornish immigrants who came to mine after the discovery of lead in the 1820s—the Cornish influence. Much of the history has been preserved as seen in the many Cornish stone cottages and buildings.

Mineral Point also has a thriving arts community, thanks to residents in the 1930s who wished to preserve as many of these stone structures as possible. As artists, they were able to convince fellow artists to move to the area, which created a sort of artist colony once the mining boom had all but moved on.

What to Do

No matter what time of year, Mineral Point has something for everyone.

You can check out the Mineral Point Chamber of Commerce website to find local attractions, places to sleep, shopping destinations, and events.

Thanks to a plethora of local small farmers, our area is filled with good food. You’ll find award-winning cheesemakers, wineries, and plenty of great restaurants.

If outdoor recreation is your thing, you’ll find plenty of hiking, biking, kayaking, and more.