Jackie Bradley

A Michigan native, Jackie Bradley lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Although her career was in medical technology, she’s had a passion for writing since the second grade when she began writing poetry using her father’s Underwood typewriter. While her vocation and avocation were worlds apart, she felt compelled to write, always having a writing project in the mill. During the last 25 years she has written a newspaper humor column and owned a freelance business writing newsletters, human interest articles for regional magazines, restaurant and travel magazines, and local newspapers. After retirement from her career, she further explored her passion for writing and music. An accomplished musician, she has produced eight albums including “Postcards in the Attic,” featuring piano renditions of the love songs referenced in the book. Jackie feels blessed beyond her wildest dreams to be able to share her writing and her music at this point in her life. Her novel is intended to offer a glimpse into life during the 1950s. For those who were there, there’s plenty of nostalgia. And of course… who can forget their first love?