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J. Eliza Wall (Joy Elisabeth Waldinger)

J. Eliza Wall (Joy Elisabeth Waldinger) is an artist, writer, filmmaker, and art educator from Philadelphia. Her work explores various topics—the human condition, family dynamics, relationships, nostalgia, connection to nature, and mental and physical health—in an attempt to restore connections in a fractured world. She believes that art is a powerful tool that can generate change and healing on a local and global level. Her short films have won awards in national and international film festivals, and she is a volunteer curator for Button Poetry. She has been published in CRED Philly (2012), PhillyVoice (2015), The Sun (2013 and 2017), Scar Tissue Magazine (April 2022), The Ignatian literary magazine (May 2022), and Evening Street Press Review (spring 2022). In 2020, she published Like the Sun Holds the Moon: A Children’s Book, which addresses similar themes of separation and divorce. Her newest children’s book, Trash Crab, will be coming out in summer 2022.