Shards of Light

By Rosemary Lehman


It was not a subtle shift, but a sudden one—a slender shard of light, an opening up, an illumination. For an instant, I saw with astonishing clarity, and then it was gone. The opening closed, the light vanished, but the thought remained. If I close my eyes, I can see it still, sense it still, feel it still. I was standing in front of the fireplace in our family living room, watching the flames as I often did, sometimes with my family, sometimes alone. That evening, I was alone. How I loved watching the flames. They were so alive, yet so comforting. I was seven or eight, but I’m not certain. I am certain in that particular instant that I knew “I” was.

“I’m thinking,” I said to myself. “I’m thinking.” Something in my mind had shifted, expanded, and I knew in that instant that “I was me” and “I” was thinking. No one else was thinking for me, and I was a part of something much bigger.

140 page softcover

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Rosemary Lehman


1940 or 1941

A Shard and a Shift

Capturing the essence of my life since October 18, 1932, has been a revealing process. I’ve always loved editing, but I feel as though I’ve been editing my life as I’ve lived it. As my life has progressed, certain events have been embedded in my consciousness and have risen to the surface, while other events have faded into the background. It’s almost as though they were underlined or highlighted so I would take special notice and not forget them.