Get Me to the Abbey

By Lisa Avelleyra

ISBN: 978-1-955656-28-3


Get Me to the Abbey unveils alcoholism through the eyes of a stubborn middle-aged Midwesterner who is forced to give up her favorite pastime—drinking. After a week in the hospital, Lisa ends up in treatment at a refurbished abbey in Iowa, where a diverse group of men frames her recovery. Mischief and college basketball relieve the weight of soul-baring testimony. After a month at the abbey, Lisa adjusts to life without drinking and returns to work and cultivates support in her Alcoholics Anonymous community. She is reunited with her abbey cohorts by a heartbreaking tragedy.

304 page softcover

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Lisa Avelleyra

Lisa Avelleyra grew up in Fort Dodge, Iowa. After living in Wisconsin for 26 years, she returned to Iowa, where she now lives in Iowa City with her gray tabby, Bernie Smokey Sanders.