By Michael Knoedler

ISBN: 978-1-955656-24-5


Mickey, Jimbo, and Lemon come of age in the village of Bridgeton in the 1950s, “escapading” along the Wisconsin River in central Wisconsin. They swim around the sandbar at Discovery Beach, tramp through the wilds of Skunk Hollow, and fish for walleyes near Little Bull Falls alongside Dirty Joe. Bridgeton captivates them as ten-year-olds and sustains them as teenagers, despite sorrows and misfortune.

After they leave their hometown, they continue to circle back to each other as the inevitabilities of life propel them through setbacks and losses. In a series of twenty-nine interrelated stories that covers six decades, the Bridgeton buddies evolve into a deeper friendship and ponder the essence of time passing and death arising. In the process, they develop a spirited belief in the state of mind that is Bridgeton.

308 page softcover

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Michael Knoedler

Michael Knoedler grew up in a Wisconsin River village a stone’s throw from Bridgeton and continues to live a few miles from the river in rural Dodgeville, Wisconsin. He taught high school in Dodgeville for thirty years, during which time he published a novel for teens, Callie’s Way Home. He and his wife, Kathy, have raised three children and enjoy the hijinks of their six grandchildren. He can be reached at: