Hide & Seek in the Magic Pantry

By Betty & Olive

Illustrated by Oxy Lysenko

ISBN: 978-1-955656-62-7


Hide & Seek in the Magic Pantry is a heartwarming story about our relatable main character, who finds herself in a dark and scary pantry when playing hide and seek with her brother. Familiar feelings of fear and anxiety creep into her thoughts. She uses tactics to be brave and cope with her worries as the pantry completely transforms into a magical land of sweets, treats, and all her favorite snacks. She learns an important lesson along the way.

36 page hardcover

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Betty & Olive

The authors, Betty and Olive, are mothers, professionals, and friends. The pair teamed up to create a children’s book series that encourages kids to put down
technology and engage in creative play. Betty and Olive hope to create awareness around techniques such as deep breathing and staying active to help kids manage anxiety.

The authors are donating a portion of book proceeds to American Family Children’s Hospital to promote the health and wellness of children everywhere.