Tremorna book cover


By Amy J. Heyman

ISBN: 1-942586-56-6



Kerena Dugan wants a better life. Her husband, Jeremy, is abusive to her and their two-year-old son, Matthew. Fearing for their lives, she flees her home with her son, searching for safety. As she nears the village of Tremorna, she devises a plan. She changes the boy’s name to Tommy and leaves him in a place where Jeremy won’t find him. Satisfied that Tommy’s safe, she sets out to make a new life for herself.

Jeremy is caught smuggling and is sent to prison. Nine years later, unaware of Kerena’s actions, he goes home to find—no one. Enraged, he goes on an all-out search for his family.

Tommy grows up in the confines of an orphanage. A rebellious young boy, he gets involved with a crew of smugglers headed by Jock Hastings, a fisherman. Jock also happens to be the owner of the Owler, an inn that serves as a front for these illegal, but profitable operations.

Tommy, Jeremy, and Kerena’s lives intertwine, as Kerena’s secret unravels amidst sinister activities, shadowy and perilous.

140 page softcover, 5.75 x 8.75


Amy Heyman lives in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. She loves anything Cornish and works as a volunteer at her local library. She loves to garden and go for long walks along the Lake Michigan shoreline. This is her second novel.