The Odd Ball (hard cover)

By Erin Peterson

Illustrated by Nikki Cooper

ISBN: 978-1-955656-05-4


Join Hut Hike and his family as he starts a new school in his new town, Roundville. He wants to be a touchdown and make lots of new friends, when he quickly realizes he is different. After trying to come up with a few new game plans to make friends, he becomes a school hero. He learns that to score in life you have to stay true to yourself and just be you.

36 page hardcover

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Erin Peterson

Erin Peterson is on a new career journey as an author. The Odd Ball is her first published book. She is currently raising her own little oddballs. Erin wrote this story for her children, Nolan and Stella. She is grateful to be able to share The Odd Ball with you. She knows the importance of acceptance and wanted to incorporate it into a sports related children’s book. Her favorite sport to watch is football and favorite sport to play is mini golf.