Still Burning
Half a Century of Chicago, from the Streets to the Corridors of Power: A Memoir (Softcover)

By Jeremiah Joyce

ISBN: 978-1-955656-06-1


In this lively and insightful memoir, Jeremiah Joyce recounts a wide-ranging career that in many ways tracks the history of Chicago over the last half century. During the late sixties and early seventies, his jobs took him from tense urban classrooms to street encounters as a member of the Chicago Police Department’s Gang Intelligence Unit. While many neighborhoods in American cities turned from white to Black almost overnight, Joyce, as alderman for the 19th Ward on the Southwest Side, fought to ensure the long-term viability and successful harmony of an integrated neighborhood—one that still stands strong and united today. He spent more than a decade as a democratic state senator in Springfield and participated in some of the turbulent local elections of the eighties. Because of his experience in Chicago politics, presidential campaigns drew on his expertise. Barack Obama consulted with him before running (unsuccessfully) for Congress and again while weighing whether to run for president. An underlying theme throughout Joyce’s story is the effort to preserve and improve the vitality of Chicago during a time of racial tumult and white exodus to the suburbs. Overall, his memoir provides an acute, detailed account of the intersection of power, politics, religion, and race as it influenced the course of the city.

300 page softcover

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Jeremiah Joyce

Jeremiah Joyce is a lawyer and served his community as a Chicago police detective, alderman, and Illinois state senator. He has strategized on countless national and local political campaigns and has been closely involved with the people and events that have shaped Chicago over the last half century.