Return to Familiar Waters
A Fly Fisherman’s Journey Back to the Troubled River of his Youth

By Scott Seymour


From an unintended canoe voyage down Quiver Falls, the heart and soul of the Menominee River, to a quiet stroll along a meandering stream in southwestern Wisconsin that culminates in accidentally hooking a 500-pound beast, Return to Familiar Waters chronicles a lifetime of fly fishing and other outdoor excursions as told by experienced angler Scott Seymour. This collection of true stories provides the perfect mix: wild and riveting adventure, laugh-out-loud funny prose, and heartfelt family anecdotes. Turn to any page and you may stumble upon a stomach-turning single-engine floatplane trip or an infamous flying ant hatch.

While this book is brimming with spontaneous adventure and unforgettable expeditions, Return to Familiar Waters crescendos in a call to action: saving the Menominee River. The stories in this book largely begin and circle back to Seymour’s beloved home waters of the Menominee River, located in northeastern Wisconsin, where he has fished for over 50 years.

This mighty and breathtaking river is currently threatened by a massive open-pit mine that has recently received several permit approvals from the State of Michigan. If successful, the detrimental mine would be built 150 feet from its banks. The mine would include a massive tailings pond which would produce toxic chemicals that would likely leach into the river over time.

The stories in this book were written for anyone who enjoys reading about outdoor pursuits, though its real intention is to inspire others to get involved and advocate for precious natural resources being threatened across the country.

Profits from this book will be donated to organizations fighting to preserve the Menominee River.


132 page softcover

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Scott Seymour

Scott Seymour has hunted and fished across the great badger state for more than five decades. He has written articles for outdoor magazines and previously published a book titled From Field to Fly about preparing wild game for the fly tying vise. When not spending time with family, drifting a river, wading a stream, or climbing a tree stand, he can be found behind a desk as an executive for a Fortune 300 insurance company.