Like a Swallow:
Looking Back at a Polish Childhood

By Nina L. Camic

ISBN: 978-1-955656-21-4


Nina Lewandowska Camic writes a compelling narrative about her childhood, split between postwar Poland and New York, where her father held the position of Polish Ambassador to the United Nations. As her family bounces between the repressive and relatively closed world of an Eastern Bloc nation and the staunchly anti-communist, tumultuous America of the 1960s, Nina struggles to navigate and adjust to the demands of both. Her story is a very personal one, of childhood fears, adolescent love, and a rapidly disintegrating family life leading her to a surprising place of unexpected challenges and opportunities.

272 page softcover


Nina retired from teaching at the University of Wisconsin Law School to write stories, play with her five grandchildren, and grow flowers with her partner, Ed. They live in an old farmhouse just south of Madison, Wisconsin.