Happy Leaf
Sweet Sun and Loving Wind

By Divya Ma Lovingly

Illustrated by Tze-Chiang Lim


Divya Ma Lovingly’s second book in the Happy Leaf series is a grateful and joyous dance through nature. Feelings are of paramount importance in this second series addition. In this new venture, we find Happy Leaf playfully twirled by the wind and warmed by the sun’s smile. She asks us to join her in pure love, community, and indeed happiness. We are thus infused with the childlike bliss of warm hearts as we sway and frolic with her in ultimate calmness. Divya’s imaginative story accompanied by playful, heartwarming illustrations, teaches all of us to revel in natural wonder.

~Chris Ritthaler

36 page softcover

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Divya Ma Lovingly

Divya Ma grew up Catholic in Manila, Philippines, and later became a yogic nun. She travelled in Bangkok, India, Jamaica, the United States, Mexico, and Canada, teaching meditation, yoga, and humanitarian services. She was one of the pioneers in introducing yoga classes in U.S. public schools with preschoolers, elementary, and middle school students and teachers in the 1990s. Starting in 2000, she lived in a solar-powered yurt in the Ozark Mountains in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, for about ten years. Presently, she lives with her spiritual partner, Gopala, in Wisconsin and Arkansas.

This is Divya Ma’s second book featuring Happy Leaf. Her first Happy Leaf book received a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award and has been integrated into the “Raising a Reader” program that supports early literacy, school readiness, and meaningful home-school connections. Divya Ma’s stories are inspired by the nature she sees and feels around her.


The return of Happy Leaf is most welcome. Nothing can be more refreshing than experiencing Happy Leaf dancing with glee, this time with the tender warmth of the sun and gentle coolness of the wind. She awakens our senses to appreciate the ubiquitous, yet taken for granted, gifts of nature. What a nice hug, indeed!

Dr. William T Chua, Cardiologist/Director of Heart Institute, Painter & Sculptor (Philippines)

With this new adventure of Happy Leaf, the sun is shining from the pages and the warmth is flowing in your heart. A beautiful dance with the sun and the wind makes children and adults relax, be playful again, and forget all worries.

Annelinde Gerritsen, Naval Architect & Maritime Writer (Netherlands)

Happy Leaf is a delightful story that reminds the reader to appreciate the beauty in the world around us. It immerses the reader in the story and brings to life the love of the sun and the wind and the pure joy that nature brings us.

Laura Bechberger, B.Ed, B.Sc. B.Math OCT, High School Math Teacher (Canada)

Happy Leaf is a beautifully illustrated story about the discovery and appreciation of the simple gifts of nature and friendship that nourish and enrich our lives. What makes a leaf happy? Being kissed by sunshine, swayed by gentle breezes, and dancing with friends. This book will not just entertain children, but make adults smile and remember to appreciate and reconnect with the natural treasures that are a gift to all those who take the time to appreciate them.

Becky Gillette, freelance writer (Arkansas)

Happy leaf is learning to open up her heart. Happy Leaf realizes that she is not alone, but that nature, including the Sun and Wind are close, like a spiritual family of love. They are not just objects to be noticed by us, but to be loved and treasured. In that way, they also love us back wholeheartedly. Why is Happy Leaf happy? Because she has discovered this profound truth.

This wonderful children’s book again takes its readers and children to this important realization and lesson, that love is all there is.

Madhurii Ma, founder and director of PWSC (Progressive Women’s Spiritual Council) (Missouri)