family redefined book cover

Family Redefined: Childhood Reflections on the Impact of Divorce

By Kimberly Ewertz

ISBN: 978-1-942586-88-3


Family Redefined: A Revealing Look Inside the World of Children of Divorce offers vivid personal accounts from those whose lives are most altered by divorce—the children—starting with their first comprehension of their parents’ divorce through to their present lives. The vulnerable stories presented in the book offer insight, hope, and practical tips for anyone who is considering, going through, or has gone through a divorce. In addition to the personal accounts, professionals in the field of marriage and family counseling provide much-needed guidance, direction, and practical advice for divorced parents.

176 page softcover

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Kimberly Ewertz

Kimberly Ewertz has been a reporter for more than three decades. She began her journalism career as an editor at St. Louis Community College Meramec. During her time there, she won two Missouri College Media Association Awards.

After college, she wrote for numerous publications throughout the years, including the Webster Groves Times, the Gilroy Dispatch, gmhToday Magazine, the Morgan Hill Times, Palo Alto Weekly, Redwood City Patch, and the Los Altos Town Crier.

In her extensive work in journalism, Ewertz has focused on feature articles and delights in highlighting people and their accomplishments.

After twelve years of marriage, in 1990, Ewertz filed for divorce, propelling her and her then ten-year-old son into a journey of irrevocable change. That journey is the impetus for this book. Her message to all parents and children navigating the uncharted waters of post-divorce is one of hope: the road will be long, it will be difficult, but in the end, it will be worth it.

Ewertz and her husband, Steve, and their dogs, Murphy and Charlie, reside in the small town of Gilroy.