Charlotte Lexington
Dungeon of Unknown Doom

By Julia Gao

ISBN: 978-1-955656-33-7


Charlotte Lexington is an eight-year-old orphan who has just moved with her uncle to Boulder, Colorado, where her uncle works as a professor and researches the mysterious wildfires occurring in the national park and in the surrounding areas. Soon, Charlotte discovers she has magical powers after hearing the distressing cries of children on a TV broadcast of the fires. Her uncle agreed to let her attend Mountain View School of Magic, where she makes friends and hones her magical abilities. Helios Watonburn, the headmaster, reveals the prophecy saying she is The Chosen One destined to destroy the Dungeon of Unknown Doom, which is situated deep in the mountains, the possible cause of the wildfires and many other dark threats. Charlotte and her young team put their magical prowess to the test and start the heroic journey.


192 page softcover


Julia Gao is from Boulder, Colorado, and is a district Gifted and Talented student currently at middle school. She loves reading and is familiar with a wide range of fantasy books, fictional tropes, literary theory, Greek myths, and English etymology. She graduated from elementary school with a second place and a first place in the school spelling bee consecutively, and a U.S. Presidential Award. Julia enjoys exploring the mysterious Rocky Mountains of Colorado. In this book, she intertwines fantasy with local famous landmarks to create a gripping tale. She aspires for Stanford University for college and wants to be an astrophysicist.