Driftless Deceit (Book 3 in the Jim Higgins Driftless Mystery Series)

By Sue Berg

ISBN: 978-1-955656-31-3


“I don’t have a sister!” When an unidentified woman is found in a park in La Crosse with a four-year-old child, Jim Higgins, chief investigator for the La Crosse Sheriff’s Department, uncovers some unpleasant family history. But before he can begin to process the family revelations, a double homicide at the local mortuary leads Jim and his team on a frantic chase in search of a killer with a history of predatory sexual misconduct. Can the killer be found before others find themselves in the crosshairs of a ruthless killer?

374 page softcover


Sue Berg is the author of the Driftless Mystery Series. She is a former teacher and enjoys many hobbies, including writing, watercolor painting, quilting, cooking, and gardening. She lives with her husband, Alan, near Viroqua, Wisconsin.


Deception permeates the air and seeps through the groundwater in Driftless Deceit, Sue Berg’s multi-pronged mystery of secrets and murder in Wisconsin’s picturesque Driftless region. In the book, the third in the author’s Driftless Series, the sheriff’s department’s chief investigator Jim Higgins must distinguish truth from lies and untwist a convoluted trail to discover the killer in a brutal double homicide even as he grapples with upheaval in his personal life. Evil is center stage in the story, but Berg creates a smorgasbord of subplots that presents readers with characters confounded by an assortment of real-life issues, from family loyalty and faith to forgiveness and love, both lost and found.

~Patricia Skalka, author of the Dave Cubiak Door County Mystery Series