Crossing Borders
The Search For Dignity In Palestine (hard cover)

By Christa Bruhn

ISBN: 978-1-955656-56-6


Christa’s journey of curiosity to Jerusalem and Gaza while studying abroad in her father’s homeland of Germany at the tail end of the Cold War opens up a world of joy and heartache that transforms into a lifetime pursuit to make a difference in a land two peoples call home. Through her unique perspective as an American and mother of three Palestinians, we become familiar with both current and historic challenges Palestinians face living in the shadow of the state of Israel. Christa poses thought-provoking questions that are a test to us all as we collectively grapple with how to come together in a place that is increasingly divided in the mind and on the ground. 

500 page hardcover

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Christa Bruhn

Christa Bruhn is an American author, photographer, and culinary artist with a lifelong passion for peace and justice. She is the daughter of a German immigrant raised under Nazi Germany and the mother of three Palestinian Americans. She holds degrees in International Studies (BA), Middle Eastern & North African Studies (MA), and Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis (PhD). She has studied six languages, including Hebrew, and can speak four, including Arabic. She has published academic work on Palestine, peace education, and diversity, and led and participated in roundtables on the future of Palestine and Israel.