Common Threads

By Margaret John Jankowski

ISBN: 978-1-955656-53-5


COMMON THREADS is the unique story of a unique idea—that sewing machines, passed from one to another, can provide hope and meaning to both those who receive them and those who give. Margaret John Jankowski founded The Sewing Machine Project, a grassroots nonprofit based on this concept. COMMON THREADS shares the extraordinary journey from idea to action, with stories that inspire, challenges that are real, outcomes that are profound, and evidence that small ideas can indeed mend communities.

“Listen to the sound of inspiration inside yourself. I’m talking about that voice that guides you to put your goodness into the world. Listen to that voice and then follow, for just a few steps. Follow and see what happens.”

—Margaret Jankowski, Common Threads

200 page softcover

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Margaret John Jankowski

Margaret John Jankowski is a writer, maker, and nonprofit leader living in Madison, Wisconsin. She is the founder and director of The Sewing Machine Project. A lifelong sewist, Margaret’s mind is “on fire” when she is planning a project in three dimensions. The Sewing Machine Project represents the intersection of Margaret’s passions as it provides the opportunity to sew, serve, and write about the incredible individuals she encounters. Margaret divides her time between her home in Wisconsin and Switzerland, where she spends time with her husband, Peter. Margaret finds deep joy in traveling, reading, walking with friends, and sitting and laughing on the front porch with her two kids.