Being Lili
Inspired by a true story of World War II Paris

By Catherine Pezdirtz

ISBN: 978-1-955656-11-5


A story of courage, tragedy, love, and loss, inspired by a true story of occupied Paris in World War II. Crouched in the bomb bay of an Avro Lancaster, Lillian Jackson wonders why she agreed to this assignment. Since childhood, when her grandmother taught her to speak French and told her stories about Paris, she has wanted to visit the city. Now her dreams are coming true, but not as she imagined. Now she will be parachuting into France to work undercover in the Nazi’s Paris office as a French woman named Lili Villon.

264 page softcover

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Catherine Pezdirtz

Being Lili is the debut novel of an author who has experienced both sides of book production: writing and publishing. Before retiring, Catherine Davis Pezdirtz was executive editor for a publishing company and is the author of several children’s books and three inspirational books for adults (now out of print). Pezdirtz lives in the Chicago area with her husband, George.